Claytons Primary School

Primary School


Conversation ideas            Question cards for conversation practice

Grammar activities

Listening activities
Question Cards          Answer Cards
five 15 minute games to develop memory
Listen and Do 2 - Two Word Level
listen and colour three key words activity sheet
Scene Boards
What am I Guessing Game Cards Household Objects

Bronze Challenge  Mat 1    Mat 2    Mat 3    Mat 4    Mat 5    Mat 6
Silver Challenge    Mat 1    Mat 2    Mat 3    Mat 4    Mat 5    Mat 6
Gold Challenge    Mat 1    Mat 2    Mat 3    Mat 4    Mat 5    Mat 6
Analogue Time
Digital Time

Movement Ideas
Gross motor activity cards           Scissor Cutting Skills Booklet

Sensory Ideas
Calming Glitter Sensory Bottle         fine motor skills activity cards
Get Your Playdough Playdough Exercises     mood monsters fans
indoor fine motor skills challenge cards      Sensory Activity Cards
sensory brain break activity cards

Writing ideas
Beach scene writing stimulus picture
Birthday party scene writing stimulus picture
Farm scene writing stimulus picture writing frames
School scene writing stimulus picture
Swimming pool scene writing stimulus picture writing stimulus picture
Winter Scene Writing Stimulus Picture
Writing prompt cards

Arts and Crafts
Paper Weaving             Paper Weaving Templates

Birthday Party
What makes me special

Reading Activities
Barbecue Scene         Birthday Party          Creative ideas
Ice cream shop           Kitchen scene          Picnic
School                        Seaside                    Supermarket
Washing day  

Editable timetable                  visual bedtime timetable

Visual timetable