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Well being Advice For Parents

BBC: Advice if you are upset by the news

Primary Schools Parent Resource List from They Are The Future parent support site (by Everlief Child Psychology)


Overcoming Anxiety Together: How to Help Your Child With Anxiety

Helping Your Child Cope With Worry

The Ultimate Parent Guide to Resolving Night Time Anxiety in Children

Phobias: Supporting Your Child

Separation Anxiety at School Drop-Off: The 7 Most Effective Strategies

How to Deal with Morning Anxiety in Children


Emotional Wellbeing

Stress in Children: Powerful Action Steps for Parents [+ Free PDF Guide]

5 Emotional Regulation Activities For Children

When Your Child Won’t or Can’t Talk About Their Feelings


Self-Esteem, Confidence and Resilience

Children’s Self-Esteem: Three Actionable Steps to Build It Up

10 Best Self Esteem Books For 10 Year Olds

8 Ideas For Building Resilience in Children



Powerful Anger Iceberg Worksheet For Children (Free Printable)

When Your Anxious Child Looks Like an Angry Child

Why Is My 10 Year Old Daughter So Moody?



Autism and Relationships: Supporting Young People

Autism and Anxiety: Supporting Children in an Imperfect World

Empowering Autistic Children: Top 10 Autism Classroom Ideas For Every Teacher and Parent to Know

How to Prevent Meltdowns in Children of All Ages



ADHD Worksheets For Kids To Empower & Inspire {Free Printable}

Understanding Your Child’s Attention Difficulties

5 ADHD Strengths To Harness In Your Child


Screen Time

Screen Time For Children and Teens: Managing the Boundaries

What Is Screen Addiction And How Can You Help Your Child?



7 Easy Ways to Manage Temper Tantrums in Your 7 Year Old

Managing Difficult Behaviour at Home

5 Quick Tips for Staying Calm With Your Child

Is Your Child’s Behaviour Difficult After School?


Parent Support

Adult and Child Mental Health: Strategies for Supporting Yourself and Your Family

Sibling Rivalry Solutions: A Parent’s Guide

Parenting Tween Boys