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Thank you so so much to everyone who helped, supported and/or attended Claytonbury at the weekend. We had the most amazing time and by the sounds of it you all did too. Whilst we still have a way to go before we can get a final figure, currently we are hoping that we achieved somewhere around £8,000 -£9,000! This is once again a totally outstanding amount and whilst we had higher costs this year with a different stage and we had less sponsors, we still are very proud of what we achieved and the amount we have managed to raise.

So we are approaching the end of another very successful year for our PTA, amounts raised have been into the mid £20,000s for the last 3 years running. 

Over the last couple of years the PTA has paid for

  • a new minibus,
  • new playground markings,
  • new adventure playground and other outdoor play equipment,
  • the children’s Christmas parties,
  • support for the IT suite and classes,
  • Ipads for reception, nursery and Scarlet class,
  • Maths experts programme,
  • Library books,
  • playground supporting wall and benches,
  • classroom blinds, classroom carpet,
  • an outdoor classroom for KS1,
  • a revamped pond area.

… and many other things.

From September 2019 the PTA will be changing and taking an exciting new approach

  • Every child will be allocated a volunteering slot for some time during the year, which an adult representative of theirs needs to do. This person could be a parent, carer, grandparent, aunt, uncle etc. One slot within the entire year is all that needs to be done. This will apply to every child throughout the school (with the exception of nursery children).
  • Most slots are about 2 hours long but some are slightly shorter. All slots will be allocated on a random draw basis and it is the adult’s responsibility to make sure that it is covered by themselves/another adult connection, or to swap directly in advance of the event, with someone else if they can’t do it.
  • The only exceptions to people receiving random draw allocations are those people who are already heavily involved in PTA activities, committee members, responsible for heading up an event, opening the second-hand uniform shop every week etc. so they are already more than fulfilling their requirement.

Why is this necessary?

Unfortunately funding in schools is at a crisis point throughout the country. The role of the PTA is needed not just for the ‘nice extras’ but for essentials too.

  • Without more volunteers the PTA could end up folding.
  • This alleviates the battle of begging for volunteers as each event approaches and we can make a plan for the whole year and know it’s going to run smoothly.
  • We need help to run all the things we do, to fund-raise for the school and to support all our children’s educational needs.

This successful model has been taken from other schools; it means everyone has a way to contribute. There are so many types of roles that will be allocated out, some being at events, some in advance (preparation), some admin type roles which people can do at home. Each child in the school is given one slot, this does mean if you have more than one child you will receive more than one slot.

You are welcome to organise swapping however you like, we will offer a dedicated section of the PTA facebook page for it too. As long as your original shift is covered and you are covering something else which you’ve agreed with someone, then it’s all good! (There will be more information about this when everything is allocated out in September).

We are such a lovely, inclusive school. This gives us the opportunity for all children to know an adult of theirs is directly included and responsible for some of the great things the PTA funding enables them to have. This really does make your children feel proud too.

Look back at the list above of just how much PTA funding brings to the school. None of these things (and more in the future) would be possible without the PTA and we don’t want to lose that 

Are you excited and wanting to be even more involved with the PTA?

The plan of events for the year and discussions on funding is done within the PTA committee and sub-committee members. We meet once every half term, starting with the AGM, which, for the 2019/2020 academic year will be held on the 10th September at 7.30pm. Please come along and see how you can have fun by being a part of the PTA and help to enhance your child’s educational journey 

On top of fulfilling your volunteer slot or running/being involved in an event, there are many other ways to support the PTA. These include:

  • an EasyFundraising page, we earn while you shop and it costs you nothing! Visit the PTA page on the school website for more information on EasyFundraising and other retailers who support us.
  • You can also talk to your companies about sponsoring the PTA events (Claytonbury, for example) or giving a commission on products and services.
  • We also run a raffle at Christmas and an auction at Claytonbury so always keep in mind if there is anything you can donate to those as they raise lots of money for us too.
  • If your company match funds then that’s another thing to be considered.

Stay up to date with PTA news by keeping an eye on the notice board in the main playground. If you need to contact the PTA at any time you can email us on, find us on the playground, or put a note in the PTA post box in the front lobby. You can also use this post box throughout the year for returning feedback, raffle ticket stubs etc 

We hope you will enjoy having an active role on the PTA. Please also let us know if may have a particular skill or trade which could help with some of the work the PTA does to support the school and projects, such as a carpenter, decorator, or an electrician. Everything we do is for the benefit of all the children in school and the more help we have the better!

Best regards

Penny Drayton