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Welcome to Reception

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Reception's weekly letter

Early Learning Goal Statements

Silver Class's timetable.   

Bronze Class's timetable.                                                      
Characterisitics of effective learning

Articulation of phonemes                         

Handwriting Tips

WOW cards

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Here are a few ideas to help your child in reception.

Hand strengthening
Holding a paintbrush
Practising zips on their coats
Taking shoes and socks on and off
Getting dressed and undressed by themselves
Opening crisps, yoghurt tubes etc

Information Pack


Looking for numbers in the environment
Mathematical Vocabulary
Expressive Art and design
Reading Workshop for Parents

Cooking – there is a lot of Mathematical vocabulary needed when cooking – a little bit more/ less, heavier, lighter etc.
Board games – help to get used to recognising numbers and counting (e.g. Snakes and Ladders, Ludo)

Stories and Rhymes

Read a wide variety of stories with your child.  This is crucial for the development of their vocabulary and general language skills.  It also helps them develop a love of books

Enjoy lots of Nursery Rhymes together and make up your own silly rhymes, even if the words are not real words eg mat – lat, gat
Hopefully these will all be fun.

Please come and talk to us if you have any questions.